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華盛頓DC 國際記者俱樂部 記者會 邀請函
Invitation to the announcement of The Provisional President and
Vice president of Taiwan Autonomous Government

#STD 0303-16-1 US
Date:Feb 15,2016

To Whom it may concern

You are cordially invited to the announcement of The Provisional President and
Vice president of Taiwan Autonomous Government

When:   March 3, 2016 2:00-4:00 pm
Where: National Press Club (The Zenger Room) – Washington D.C.
               13F, 529 , 14th St NW, Washington DC 20045
Contact: TAG Tom Chang 1-949-351-8873 / ( 202 ) 662-7597 (NPC)

The elected are:
           Mr. 蔡明法 Nieco M. H. Tsai. The 1st Provisional President of TAG
           Mr. 蔡吉源 Gavin C.Y.Tsai. The 1st Vice Provisional President TAG

Very Important Announcement

The Taiwan Basic Law of the Taiwan Autonomous Government was passed and
legalized on July 22nd, 2015 by The General Assembly of the Congress of
Taiwan Autonomous Government. After the Taiwan Basic Law became effective,
the First Taiwan President and Vice President were legally elected by the
Congress accordingly. According to TRA of 1979 they should be regarded as
leaders of Taiwan Authority, since Taiwan has not yet qualified as a sovereign
state. It is the first time for Formosan (or people of Taiwan) after 400-year
itinerary to have their own leaders. The initial mission for Taiwan Autonomous
Government is how to negotiate in peace with the illegal government, the ROC in
exile, which actually acting as military occupation with colonial regime on Taiwan
and to urge it to renounce its control and right to Formosa and the Pescadores.

The newly elected leaders of Taiwan Autonomous Government have no right
however are to be accountable for protecting the people of Taiwan. This is to be
in line with the same philosophy as those forefathers of the USA did. We, as the
first leaders of Taiwan are without exception.

Our primary mission is to restore the land of Taiwan and the reins of government
back to people of Taiwan from the hands of the alien regime, ROC in exile that
has never been granted sovereignty of Formosa and Pescadores.

The pending case of the murderer's original sins i.e. the Formosan Ethnic
Cleansing, the 228 Genocides and the Colonial Terrorism Rules in the name of
ROC in exile must be brought to the courts to be tried. Although the spring
comes late, yet, we are not hopeless for we pursue justice and it shall protect
people of Taiwan from now on.

We will work the way peacefully in accordance with the San Francisco Peace
Treaty of 1952, the Taiwan Relations Act of 1979 and other related International
Laws to pursue happiness and Self-Governing Devices for people of
Taiwan. We believe that all our actions will contribute to peace of the world,
interests of the international society and universal values of freedom, democracy
and human rights.

It will be our great honor to have your presence in the announcement day in USA.
You will encourage us, all people of Taiwan who has been trapped in slavery for
70 years. If you could not participate in the announcement, your comments
or statements regarding the issue will be highly appreciated. Your support and
encouragement will be documented forever on the very historical day in this new
born Taiwan Autonomous Government.

Sincerely yours,

Nieco M.H. Tsai and Gavin C.Y.Tsai